IRSC conducts lecture cum discussion session on Road Safety in collaboration with NGO's like SafeRoad Foundation and Global Alliance for Road Safety. The LDS cover various dimensions of Road Safety like
-> Design aspects
-> Policies related to road safety
-> Basic rules to be followed by pedestrians and drivers, etc.
Students also get an opportunity to put forward their points and justify them in front of Road Safety Experts accross the country.

Various workshops are held for giving the vounteers a first hand experience of Road Safety and how to react during an accident. These workshops are conducted by experts from various NGO's working in the field of Road Safety in India. Workshops on topics such as Role of First Responders in Case of an Accident (picture on the right) are conducted where experts are called for an interactive experience for the volunteers. Students are taught various techniques such as CPR, techniques of putting on a stretcher etc. ROLE OF FIRST RESPONDERS

We also conduct field visits to nearby places for the volunteers. This is also a pre-requisite for the internships as in these visits, the volunteers are told how to analyse various road safety problems and think of their solutions. They are taken to nearby places, and are told to just see the road and its structure. Then various problems are pointed out in the design by the experts to open the minds of the volunteers for the internship.

IRSC conducts internships in every Summers and Winters where the Interns get a practical experience of the various Road Safety issues and brainstorm to find real life, feasible solutions to these problems. Work is done on analysing problems, researching existing solutions, designing solutions, justifying the need and feasibility of the solutions and also trying to get them implemented through respective Government Authorities.

We also conduct TECHNICAL INTERNSHIPS under the guidance of IITD faculty from TRIPP wherein interns work under the guidance of a faculty member on technical problems like helmet design, designing of roundabouts etc. This is really beneficial for those who wish to take up Road Safety as an area of research in the near future or even Road Safety enthusiasts.

WATCH THE ROAD - Annual Competition
An annual competition, WATCH THE ROAD, is held every year at TRYST, IIT Delhi wherein participants from various colleges across the country work on a Road Safety Problem and try to implement feasible solutions for the same.
The format of the competition is based on out internships. The reports are judged by honourary jury members from TRIPP and exciting prizes are also given away.

This competition witnessed participation from numerous colleges across India. Six teams made it to the finals which was held at IIT Delhi during Tryst 2016. Cash prizes worth Rs.60,000 were given away to the winning teams with a certificate of appreciation from IIT Delhi.

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