We at IRSC, take pride in the unique internship/volunteering opportunities we conduct for individuals (irrespective of their profession) accross the country. Interns get a practical experience of the various Road Safety issues and brainstorm to find real life, feasible solutions to these problems.
Work is done on analysing problems, researching existing solutions, designing solutions, justifying the need and feasibility of the solutions and also trying to get them implemented through respective Government Authorities.

There are two categories of internships
-> Policy and Design Internship
In this internship, the focus lies mainly on taking a real life problem in any locality and trying to find feasible solutions and getting them implemented throught the relevant government authority.

-> Technical Internship
This internship focus on mainly the technical aspects of Road Safety. Various aspects like design of roundabouts, vehicle safety, highway safety are researched upon in this internship. These interns are guided by an expert on Road Safety who is generally an IIT Delhi Faculty Member and member of TRIPP.

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Note: We do not provide any kind of stipends to the interns. However minor costs (decided upon before beginning the internship) may be reimbursed. Certificate from IRSC and TRIPP IITD would be provided upon successful completion of internship.


Young Students/Working Professionals will to lead the operations of IRSC in his/her city. He/She will be the one who will take care of spreading road safety awareness in your city with help of IRSC.

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Young Students/Working Professionals who want to contribute to making a one-day awareness events a success or help us for a short time of less than a week

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