About the NGO

The Indian Road Safety Campaign was started as a project under the IIT Delhi chapter of National Service Scheme with help of Transport Research and Injury Prevention Program ( set up under Government of India) when few students of IIT Delhi lost their precious life in a road accident just after being placed in well reputed firms. This incidence shook the student community from within and the students and faculty decided that we will make sure their death doesn’t go in vain and we make sure that no lives are further lost to road-accidents.

Hence a small team started this project in IIT Delhi level and slowly and gradually we have become a youth-led mission being led by students from various colleges across India. All of us just have one aim, to make Indian roads safer by working on all aspects of road safety!

Indian Road Safety Campaign, is currently registered as the road safety project of Solve, a not-for profit trust formed by students and the alumni of IIT Delhi to "solve" the problems plaguing the Indian ecosystem on ground level. Solve believes in creating ground level impact by promoting volunteerism in youth and using technology to solve the problems.

Our Vision

There is an increasing number of deaths due to road accidents worldwide including India. 1 person is killed every 4 minutes on roads and the number of deaths due to road safety are higher than any other major illness in the world. This is mainly due to improper road safety rules and lack of awareness amongst civilians. We want to aware all the stakeholders associated with the cause so that we can reduce the number of deaths by half by 2025 and we want to do this not only by bringing policy level changes but by doing technical innovation as well by using the technical expertise of various IIT’s.

Our Mission

We want to reach out to each and every individual in this country and what can be better than having youths be the carriers of change! We have collaborated with various colleges across India and some eminent technical institution’s, faculty and research centers to aware the youth about the road safety issues.
1. Policy Internships: We send the youth out onto various locations across India and work on a road-related issue in a particular locality and solve it by collaborating with the government.
2. Technical Internships: We are running a large number of projects for developing tools, and researching on various aspects related to road-safety in collaboration with various IIT’s.
3. Lecture Sessions/Discussion Sessions: We hold a large number of sessions across the various colleges and industries awaring the professionals and the youths about various aspects of road-safety.
4. Field Visits/Workshops: A large number of practical demonstration sessions and workshops are organized in association with various hospitals to educate about skills such as role of first responders in case of accidents.
5. Competitions: We also organize various competitions regularly to aware the youth about road-related issues by igniting the competitive spirit in them.


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