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Indian Road Safety Campaign, is organizing the Annual Safe-Road Marathon 2018, to stimulate the passion of safe road usage among the vibrant youth, the enthusiastic kids and the experienced elderly all at the same time, with the vision to ensemble them all together and make them realize the importance of road-safety. The main purpose of the road safety run-fest is for the people to realize if we all can run through all terrains of Delhi together, in our attempt to reach the destination while fighting the race against time, yet appreciating and respecting the presence of so many different entities, infrastructures and people using the same road at the same time for the same purpose with the same vigor for the marathon, we can use them similarly at all different times to reduce the number of accidents and then deaths happening due to them. This marathon would be an amalgamation of approximately 10,000 homo-sapiens belonging to diverse ages,genders, physiques, social and economic statuses and plethora of variations as it will be a crowd from all of Delhi/NCR and neighboring cities, all coming together and sweating it out, for one cause - Zero Deaths Due to Road Accidents. These people, while running, will make sure that everyone who becomes a part of the run passively as an onlooker, traveler, pedestrian, volunteer joins them in the battle towards saving 1.5 lakhs every year, because we all shouldn't let a small negligence, take a life, should we ? Then what are you waiting for, come, join us. Let's together Make Indian Roads Safer and Pledge for a Safer India!

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The marathon begins the moment you gather together for the introduction.

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Prizes for Winners

21 Km Marathon

Prize 1: 50k
Prize 2: 35k
Prize 3: 25k

10 Km Marathon

Prize 1: 20k
Prize 2: 12.5k
Prize 3: 7.5k

5 Km Marathon

Prize 1: Goodies and Merchandize
Prize 2: Goodies and Merchandize
Prize 3: Goodies and Merchandize

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